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You Are Worthy of JOY!

joy self-care Oct 15, 2023

In light of the escalating humanitarian crises and other deep concerns, we acknowledge joy is not a solution or a blind eye to devastating realities. It is, however, a part of us, too, in the interwoven moments of our lives. Tapping into our joy and running toward it is a self-full act to be the best version of ourselves in order to support the other people in this world who need our help.

With that in mind, please ask yourself: What sparks my joy?

In the Empire Building Podcast, we suggested in last week’s newsletter, Episode 96: “Defining Your Priorities - The Joy Exercise,” the podcast encouraged reflection upon:

  • What would you name this chapter of your life?
  • Who is with you in your joyful moments?
  • What do you need to say “no” to more often so that you can say “yes” to more joy?

Like others we’ve introduced in the Her Best Life Community, these questions offer opportunities for us to get authentic and vulnerable. And the more we do, the more it may become a regular practice. Exploring what is working for us and what is not, both in and outside of the office, is a gift we can give ourselves time and time again.

When Co-Founder Sarah Reynolds decided it would bring her joy to prioritize her health and be at home to put her oldest daughter, Olivia, to bed, she was willing to accept a decrease in her impact on others. “I could barely lead because I wasn’t caring for my body,” said Sarah.

What happened is the exact opposite of what she anticipated. She was taking better care of herself, and as a result, her impact increased!

She is now much healthier (just last weekend, she ran a 10-mile race that raised $35K for charity), is home at bedtime for all of her kids, and is now the CEO of the #1 Team in her company.

“You can’t make IMPACT if you’re dead.”
~ Sarah Reynolds, Her Best Life Co-Founder

Other big questions to ponder are:

  • Are you standing in your own way of joy?
  • Where can you step aside so someone else can take the lead while you invite some ease?
  • You know they say, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Are you ready to take a giant leap or make a minor tweak and welcome Joy?

We know you are worth it and look forward to hearing about your results.

If you need even more inspiration, Her Best Life Co-Founder Tiffany Fykes is a perfect case study. She is an example of asking the biggest questions, leveraging a big business, and creating a bigger life; a life with even more joy.

Listen to her story in the Empire Building Podcast Episode 46: Leaping into the Fire to Chase Your Joy,” where Tiffany talks about what led to her decisions, what it was like to operate a business remotely, and how she followed her dreams. It is jaw-dropping incredible.

And then ask yourself this question: “How will I bring unbridled and unapologetic pure joy into my 'LIFE!' today so that I can lead with my BEST self?"


PS: Looking for a community that gives you permission to pursue your joy no matter what that means to you? Her Best Life is the place for you! Get your Her Best Life Bundle today - it's Step #1 to ensuring that opportunities for you to be authentic and vulnerable (and accepted just the way you are) will always exist - creating a more self-full, joyful life!

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