We Are On A Mission

We are a community of women.
We are entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and empire builders.
We are leaders.
We ask big questions.
We put our oxygen masks on first.
We know self-care is not selfish.
We fan each other's flames.
We AMPLIFY each other.
We are free of comparison & judgment.
We are resilient.
We slay.
We play.

We are a leadership organization for women by women, amplifying the lives and voices of women in business around the world.

We build big businesses and even bigger lives.

We are Her Best Life!


Front Row Left to Right - Tiffany Fykes, Sue Adler, Wendy Papasan, Seychelle Van Poole, & Carissa Falcon

Back Row Left to Right - Diane Griffin, Vija Williams, Carin Nguyen, Kymber Menkiti, Sarah Reynolds, & Sarita Dua

Our Story
The Co-Founders


The 11 Co-Founders, have been meeting as a Circle for more than 7 years in exotic locations around the world and in doing so, have discovered the power of a Circle to help them grow exponentially not only in their businesses but in their personal lives as well. 

Our goal is to help others experience the kind of collaboration and support that has fueled their explosive growth through immersive events and ongoing Circular collaborative membership communities and programs. 

We Are Her Best Life


Contribution Partner | Red Oak Hope

Help Us End Slavery

Human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children is one of the greatest calamities of our time. Together, we can fight for freedom.

Each year we support a non-profit that aligns with our values and mission. This year we are proud to partner with Red Oak Hope.

Every day, Red Oak Hope brings FREEDOM, HOPE & RESTORATION to survivors of sexual exploitation. They work to STOP TRAFFICKING AND EXPLOITATION on a large scale while simultaneously providing HOLISTIC CARE to individuals and communities already affected. 

Together with our Her Best Life Community, we are amplifying the lives and voices of women in business around the world so that we can offer women everywhere FREEDOM, EQUALITY & CHOICE to live their best lives too.

Learn More & Donate To Red Oak Hope

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Your Network Is Your Net Worth.


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Your Network Is Your Net Worth.

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