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You are oh-so-worthy!

self-care women in business Oct 01, 2023

Wanna know the real meaning behind Her Best Life?

As Her Best Life co-Founder Sarah Reynolds cheerfully reminded us in Nashville, everyone’s answer is different. Each one of us is extraordinary in our own ways, and so are our Bests.

If you're seeking your Best, perhaps even “efforting” or darn right struggling, it’s the perfect time to pause, investigate, and rediscover:

  • Where are your personal strengths?

As Anna Krueger, Keller Williams Fast Track Coach and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, shared with us back in April, all of us have talents given to us when we were born. Our talents are tools in our toolbox, and they are all unique.

Our first job is to figure out:

  • What are my talents or tools?
  • How may I use them as a strength?

Working from our strengths allows us to feel harmony in our lives—with ease, enjoyment, and excellence. That is the best, and you are worthy of the Best. Some of us need this reminder and others? We need help to identify our Top 10 unique talents, like with the CliftonStrengths® Assessment.

When we open ourselves up, take that deep dive, and get curious, we offer ourselves the opportunity to reveal something exceptional about ourselves.

If you can continue to run toward your strengths in your life you're going to get huge. Most of us try to do all the things, and most of us are kinda good at all the things and that actually holds us back. So if you can continue to fire yourself from the things you are not good at, and run toward your success, you’re going to be wildly successful beyond what you ever thought.
~ Wendy Papasan, Her Best Life Co-Founder

Taking care of ourselves is not selfish, but rather self-FULL. So, all of us at Her Best Life are encouraging you with a smile to ask yourself today:

  • How am I nurturing my individuality, my strengths?
  • What strength made today energizing?
  • Which of my strengths was offended today?

We support you and are proud of you, just as you innately are:

You do not need to be anyone else. You were created uniquely.
Your job is to be you—that is your privilege.
~ Anna Krueger

You are worthy. You are enough. Her Best Life is YOUR Best Life.


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