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What is your personal mission?

goal setting growth priorities Oct 22, 2023

Eyes light up, and confidence meters skyrocket with a great, bold YES! when words like Her Best Life co-founder Seychelle Van Poole’s hit our ears:

“How you show up in this world is too important to play small.”

And at the same time, we wonder, “How do I evaluate that though?”

During our Her Best Life flagship experience in Nashville, Seychelle shared a powerful personal story about just that: doing a self-evaluation about how she was showing up in the world.

She had crafted an inspiring mission statement for herself. Brilliant, right? But, here’s the twist - upon doing so, she attached it to her identity, her business. Sooo, that meant when the market crashed or anything flopped, she did too. She became a failure.

When we think about our personal statements, we must remember that our mission outlasts us. A mission is a legacy.

A goal, on the other hand, has an end. We hit it, or we do not—and that is that.

What Seychelle came to realize was that her mission was merely a goal. And once she identified the difference, her self-esteem and worth took a turn in a brighter direction.

It is great to set goals for ourselves. Yet, they are not a part of us. We are not failures if we don’t reach a number on the scale or the score sheet. We simply missed a mark, and we may move it. We cannot attach ourselves to our goals.

We can attach ourselves to our mission.

What is yours?


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