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What do camels, Casablanca, and the Empire Circle have in common?

community energy joy productivity self-care women in business Oct 30, 2023

Morocco, baby!

We’re back from our life-changing trip and have so much to share about the radical shifts that went down from day one.

As you are well aware from your last vacation anywhere when you leave the comforts of home, the routines of the office, daily calls, familiar coffee (gah!), it’s scary. And exciting! And flippin’ unnerving when everything we “know” gets shaken up.

In Africa, with the Empire Circle Members by our sides, our challenges became pure empowerment.

From the unforgettable adventure of trekking on mules to visiting a local Berber community and enjoying a cup of tea to a cooking class of iconic dishes with freshly sourced ingredients, we toured, tasted, and tried it all while feeling supported and safe. It was the journey of a lifetime.

It’s also true that some of us in the group weren’t so sure about it all. Perhaps it was her first time out of the country (...let alone in one where we carried our own toilet paper. Thank you, Margaux!) Or maybe it was when she was asked to mount a carpeted creature and to trust its desert-thin legs to carry her up toward a cliff. A few indignant “HELL NO” moments flared until she absorbed the support of the group and pushed her comfort zone to the edge of “Ooh, here we gooo!” and “Yesss!”

The significant changes that occurred inside those women were contagious as they became joyously visible on the outside. That level of self-trust came from making the “scary” decision and embracing courage in the uncertainty.

We go on retreat as a group a few times a year for this very reason. Her Best Life purposefully places us in a position to trust and try on a different version of ourselves. As Executive Director Margaux Drake has witnessed time and time again, and adamantly shares, “In order to change, we need an immersive event.”

The discomfort of the unknown increases our capacity to be open. We are forced to pause what is “normal” and get curious. We must learn all over again how to navigate a foreign place and learn about the faces that call the land their home… by trying their tea, modes of transportation, music, and belly dancing. We truly begin to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people—and ourselves.

Then, we gather together at the end of the day and reflect in a new way.

Bonding at an immersive retreat is not a light thing; it’s like none other. Support flows when no one is looking. It’s in the “in-between”—when standing in line, riding the bus, or watching the clouds float over the stunning setting that some of the most raw confessions and greatest advice are given. The purpose-driven, organized meetings shake us up for sure, and those precious moments, the ones when we’re just being, shape our Best Lives, too.

The Empire Circle is where you can find it all. Explore the possibilities and discover your path to transformation.


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