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A Proven Process to Recruit Your Dream Team!

hiring recruiting staffing team Jun 11, 2023

Finding the right talent plays a big role in whether or not your business grows.

Don't wait until you have a hiring emergency. Start recruiting now – make it part of your daily interactions. You’re always interviewing your next team member!

The 3 P's of Hiring the Best People

Hiring is a process.

Having someone in mind — and getting them onboarded quickly — when you need to fill a role will keep you from having to double or triple someone else's workload. Let's be real – you will be the person who picks up the slack.

Use the 3 P’s framework to build your pipeline of recruiting prospects.


To successfully recruit talented people who will mesh with your team you need to identify the problem they have with their current employment.

Start the bonding process before you offer a job. As you talk to people, understand the difference between what they say and what they actually want. Use the FORM method to help you – more on that later.


Most people want to avoid change, especially where their career is concerned. Your most coveted recruits need a reason to leave their current employer.

What might motivate them to make a move?

Look for cues of financial stress, feeling stuck, or dissatisfaction. This is your hot button. Show them how coming to work for you will solve that problem.


Now that you understand what a prospective employee wants, craft a plan that makes working for you their best option.

Tailor the position. Match your needs with their strengths, desires, and needs.

Do they need more money, more time, or a flexible schedule? Perhaps they need a change of scenery or a vibrant team culture you know will help them succeed. Offer whatever you can that helps them feel good about winning.

You'd be surprised how a culture of personal growth and wealth-building can be your best recruiting tool.

Questions: Use the FORM method of recruiting

The FORM Method is one of the most effective frameworks for understanding what a candidate needs—and if they're a good fit for your team. The goal is to use these four areas to connect and spark a conversation with anyone.

Family/Friends: "What do you like to do away from work?" can lead to dialogue about travel, running, or other interests of the candidate.

Occupation: You might take this topic in several different directions. Examples:

  • How did you get started in your career industry?
  • How long have you been in the business?
  • What do you love about your job?
  • What is your current role?

Recreation: "What do you do for fun?" is closely related to the "family" area. If you've already established a relationship before entering the hiring process, you will know what they enjoy.

Motivation: This is the money question. Conversations about a candidate's vision for their future help you understand their ambition. Knowing this helps you make an irresistible offer.

Be curious. Ask great questions. Just be careful that you don’t overstep. During a formal job interview, your range of questions about life outside of a candidate's work is limited. Be sure you understand what you can and can't ask.

Creating structure around informal conversation, though, helps you identify great talent long before you need them.

Build a big life by remembering you’re always looking for top talent who can help you take your business to the next level.


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