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HBL x The ONE Thing

community joy priorities relationships self-care Nov 19, 2023

When Her Best Life members show up to support and learn from one of our own, the impact is profound. Supportive energy, joy, and deep gratitude dance around. It’s a sight to behold— and exactly what happened at The ONE Thing Goal Setting Retreat hosted by HBL co-founder Wendy Papasan and her husband, best-selling author Jay Papasan. Not only were our members shining like the stars that they are, but many of their partners attended with them, and they were shining, too.

It’s remarkable, ‘cuz well ya know, “Goal” and “Setting” aren’t the sexiest two words on the planet, and yet, they are one of the biggest power moves to live your Best Life!

And the coolest part that makes all of us Her Best Lifers’ toes tap with excitement? It all started in Wendy’s brain!

Wendy Papsan’s ideas from her own life became the annual Goal Setting Retreat that has now impacted hundreds, hundreds, and hundreds of individuals and couples because she cared to share it. As HBL co-founder Sarah Reynolds raves, “She shares all of it, the formula and the framework.”

Seychelle Van Poole, also a HBL co-founder, had quite the Ah-Ha moment over the topic when it came to discussing her goals with her spouse:

We talk a lot about how important white space and thinking time is in our businesses—and when we protect that, what amazing things happen because we have the time to solve the problems and the challenges that we have….How often do you really get to take and create that white space as a couple? I would argue that it is, if not as important, it’s even more important than our white space in our business to be ‘on purpose’ for that.

“Sometimes our partners think we care more about businesses than we do them.” ~ Wendy Papasan

Being married to an entrepreneur can be a challenge. Whether it’s balancing the needs of a business and a family or trying to draw the right boundaries, it doesn’t come easy. It can be rewarding and amazing, but it’s also full of sacrifice. It’s important that couples get on the same page about their priorities and values. It’s also revolutionary as your spouse will have aspirations you don’t know anything about—and so. Will. You!

Questions like these are a great place to start:

-Where do your significant others rank on your priority list?
-And where do they think they rank?
-Where do you rank yourself?

Taking purposeful time away from home to think about what’s important to you and asking Big Life questions while playing and planning vacations is essential. At the end of it, you come up with a plan so you can be on the same page with your authentic self—and with your partner moving forward.

“You will not nail it your first year, yet you will start building your framework that you can build upon.” ~ Wendy Papasan

Over the years, you can reflect upon your first year’s answers, too, and see how far you’ve grown, changed, aligned, and or pivoted. Hear more about the retreat in light of how powerful it is for couples>> EPISODE 130: Setting Goals as a Couple

Also, drum roll please…In 2024, the Goal Setting Retreat created by Wendy and Jay will be included with the Empire Circle memberships for 2024, and there is more to come! Stay tuned.


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