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Are y’all ready for this?

business skills community joy women in business Oct 08, 2023

At the Her Best Life 2023 Flagship Experience, we introduced the “LIFE!” framework and how to use it as a guide on where you need to focus:






This week, we encourage you to uncover where your “LIFE!” needs a boost, a reset, or a new beginning.

Look at your priorities this year, last month, or even last week, and check out your vital signs for your Best LIFE! And if you did this exercise in Nashville, try it again and notice— has anything shifted now that the acronym LIFE! is in your awareness?

Okay, here we gooo…

If you had to rank one of the following categories, which would be your strongest overall?

Leadership, Investing, Friendship, Energy, or ! (Fun)?

Now, really check-in: which one do you struggle with the most?

Here is what we mean…


I define my goals, am quick to give credit, have known values, am organized, accountable, able to self-assess and do what is right for the Team, even if uncomfortable.


I have a wealth-building plan, know how to track my net worth, spend less than I make, know my credit score, my will is up to date, and have four months of living and business expenses in the reserves.


I prioritize my Circle, Listen, uphold good relationships, am able to share when hurt, am willing to forgive, and am involved in my community.


We must remember to put the Energy in our lives, or it would just be a “L.I.F.!“ which all you ball players know rhymes with whiff. Energy consists of prioritizing preparing and eating nourishing foods, drinking water, moving my body at least 90 minutes a week, sleeping at least 7 hours a night, practicing gratitude daily, meditating/praying regularly, making time to recharge with daily self-care, and making time for...

! (Fun):

I have hobbies outside of work or income, I do things that bring me joy, vacations are planned, spontaneity is practiced each month, and life’s bucket list is made—and boxes are already getting ticked.

Well, how did it go? Did you identify where you have resistance? Where is it?

Now, take a deep breath and maybe another. All of us are perfectly imperfect.

Then, answer: What steps will I take this week, month, or year to strengthen that category that needs attention?

Most of us are Leaders and Investors; that is why we are here. We’re making friends and becoming accountable in the HBL community—and are struggling with the last two letters, Energy and Fun. (boo)

If this is you too, we invite you to listen or relisten to The Empire Building Podcast, Episode 96: “Defining Your Priorities - The Joy Exercise.

Why prioritize everyone else and leave your own joy in the dust?

Way to ask yourself and answer some big questions this week.

We are proud of each of you.


PS: The secret to growth is immersive events and paced repetition of learning and accountability between those events, with “LIFE!“ as your compass. Set yourself up for success by investing in your Her Best Life Bundle today, and imagine arriving in Miami as the BEST version of yourself because you put in the work. Leaders SHOW UP! Why NOT you? Why not TODAY?

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