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8 reasons you need HYPE WOMEN in your life!

community energy joy relationships Nov 05, 2023

Imagine this:

You were nominated for an award. Everyone is cheering… and when they open the envelope… You won! You! Woo! And the woman next to you is so absolutely thrilled for you that in the photos capturing the moment, you cannot even tell who won. This radically supportive female is what we call your “Hype Woman.”


Having “hype women” in your organization drives the growth and success of your team. And we can prove it. Let's shatter the stereotype of women being their own worst enemies and, instead, embrace the fact that we can be each other's greatest cheerleaders!

Women need other women, period. Here’s why.

8 Powerful Impacts of HYPE WOMEN (aka "reasons you need HYPE WOMEN in your life):

  1. You live longer!
    Studies show when women have a supportive group of friends, they live longer and even have a better chance of recovering from the hard things. (Yes, please!)

  2. You are heard!
    Women, as a group, have a unique understanding of each other based on their ability to communicate with each other in a variety of ways, including both verbal and non-verbal ways, such as through body language and gestures. This helps women create a supportive space where shared feelings are acknowledged and respected.

  3. You’re supported unconditionally!
    Hype women see the things other people cannot see. Instead of judgment, they genuinely ask the questions for your greater health and happiness in work and play. They tend to hear you out and ask for more information before they jump in because they have zero interest in the outcome—they care about you and your dreams.

  4. A hype woman is fiercely loyal!
    As Sarah Reynolds has pointedly said, “They grant us grace.” The Hype woman is with us on our journey when we stumble—and when we rise.

  5. They see the best and most realistic potential in you, even when you don’t!

  6. Your pay and position can increase!
    (This is nooo joke, quoted directly from the Harvard Business Review, just sayin’.) Go ahead and read up on more facts behind having other women in the room as support: When Women Lead by Julia Boorstin.

  7. These women amplify and encourage your greatness!

  8. Hype women are multidimensional, just like you!
    At times they’re mentors and role models, and at others, they’re who see you as a full spectrum human. Hype women are also the friends where you can let your guard down and just be yourself:

    “I get to just be Sarah—I don’t know where I would be without our Circle.” ~ Sarah Reynolds, Her Best Life Co-Founder

Who are your HYPE women? Who is cheering for you?

We areand you are worth the HYPE!

"You can do this! …and, you are going to do this for what you are worth.’”~ Sarah Reynolds

Who will you hype up in your circle today? (Listen/Watch)


PS: Want to dive deeper into the importance of having HYPE women in your life? Tune in to Episode 164 of the Empire Building Podcast.

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