We help women build big businesses and even bigger lives.

Events • Memberships • Masterclasses


We help women build big businesses and even bigger lives.

Events • Memberships • Masterclasses

We ask big questions like:

How Do I...

● Live the life I really want to live?
● Have incredible, profitable businesses?
● Have strong and present relationships?
● Grow in my relationship with our kids, parents, and friends?
● Experience spiritual/religious connectivity?
● Build Generational Wealth?
● Prioritize self-care?
● Create a life and legacy of service, and contribution?

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About Us!

Her Best Life was started in 2019 by a group of friends who were passionate about business and wanted more out of their personal lives. Today, they lead 60 companies with more than $50 Million in revenue annually. 

Our goal is to help others experience the kind of collaboration and support that has fueled the co-founders' explosive growth.

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 Listen to the Empire Building Podcast 

Tune in to this award-winning podcast for authentic, unfiltered conversations with four influential women who are unapologetic in their goals; Wendy Papasan, Seychelle Van Poole, Vija Williams, and Sarah Reynolds.  Another common goal? Helping others do the same.

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 Her Best Life 2024 Flagship Experience

A transformational experience showcases women empowering women. Speakers, panel discussions, breakout sessions & tactical workshops. Open to all women. Guaranteed to grow your business. Be there!
September 16-18, 2024.

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 Find your community

It’s no secret that female entrepreneurs and business leaders face a unique set of challenges, often juggling marriage, parenthood, and career aspirations. Empire Circle is a one to five year immersive leadership + connection experience that will change your life forever.  This is the cure for leadership loneliness. Join to find your people.

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Jessica Luff

-  Tennessee, United States -

We can ask for so much more. I believe there were lessons shared that I can absolutely monetize. 

Lucy Tucker

- MaineUnited States -

By far the BEST event for personal and professional growth that I have ever attended. I left feeling empowered, re-energized, refreshed, and ready to plan for the future with action items in hand. I have no doubt you will find it life-changing!

Lisa Jemison

- North Carolina, United States -

The session regarding how to 10x your business was worth the price of admission.


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