With over a century of combined experience in empire building, generating billions of dollars of revenue, the Founders of Her Best Life have an abundance of wisdom to share. Our goal is to help others experience the kind of collaboration and support that has fueled their explosive growth.

Why you need a cirlce of women to support you!

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Of all the "Million Dollar Clubs" nationwide, the largest is in Austin, Texas. When Wendy hit a million dollars in sales, she was invited to join. As prestigious as the honor was, Wendy felt they weren't her people, partly because only 10 percent of the members were women.

Let's face it. Female entrepreneurs need connections with other women we can trust and confide in, share victories, and pour out our hearts to when our empires have stalled.

Her Best Life was formed to meet that need.

We are a circle of women who understand the struggles and the joys of building an empire. The Founders and Executive Director of Her Best Life represent over $10 billion in collective revenue, they lead over 60 companies and over 6,000 people. And we have fun!

Today you will learn the value of building and maintaining your circle above and beyond your Her Best Life memberships.

5 reasons you need a circle

  • Expand your network
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Emotional support and encouragement
  • Advice and guidance based on their experiences
  • Celebrate successes together

It's important to remember that not everyone will always get along. Personality clashes, conflicting goals, and lack of commitment can all lead to problems within a circle.

Dust-ups need to be rare exceptions. If they happen, address these issues openly and honestly to prevent them from escalating.

Helping one another live your best lives is a big commitment, so take your time.

4 things to keep in mind as you're finding or forming a circle

1. Look for women who share your values and qualities

Similar core values become the foundation of your circle. Look for women who have qualities you want to develop.

2. Set boundaries and expectations upfront

Every woman in your circle has to be committed — to showing up, being vulnerable, and being fully present.

When your circle gathers for a retreat, you need to feel free to talk about big decisions for your organization or your family. The only way to do that is to know each woman is committed to confidentiality.

3. Be willing to share and pour into personal and professional growth

Your circle will take a holistic approach. Oftentimes, when one member is really strong in personal growth, they need help with growing their entrepreneurial and business skills.

Authenticity, honesty, love, and candor must be part of the equation. It's how you move forward.

4. Have fun!

If you're not having fun as a group, and if you don't enjoy being together, your circle won't work.

Having fun is not optional. It's part of the bylaws.

Having fun is peaceful.

So, if you already have a circle, you're off to the races! If you feel isolated or lonely in your business or in life, it's time to find your people.

Start with seeking out your “person,” and together you can build from there.

Every empire builder needs to get and give encouragement and support from other women. In a business world dominated by men, go build your empire-building circle, or join ours!


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