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Embracing the Present: Unwrapping the Gift of Presence

joy sharing Nov 26, 2023

Cheers! 'Tis the season to gather with family and friends! What's better than hitting pause to celebrate life and each other? It's practically perfect in every way!

Well, there is one thing that makes things not so perfect. In fact, many of you struggle with it, and we know it because so many of us in the Her Best Life community do, too.

Nope, good guess, but it’s not those five extra pounds from the delectable dishes of the season. It’s something else our friends and family are too afraid to tell us.

It is, according to Her Best Life Co-Founder Sarah Reynolds, that "they are noticing we are not present." We're distracted.

And being distracted means those most precious to us are getting the worst of us, regardless of our intent. We're bringing things still boiling over in our work lives to the table with us. That means our eyes are often darting to our screens, or we're showing up with stale, leftover energy. (Yep, they get the ol' leftovers.)

Our impact on our loved ones is important to recognize, even if it might be a sad reality. It's crazy common, and that's why we want to talk about it. You are not alone, and those of us who have walked this path before you have inspiring insight to help. It's wisdom worth revisiting over and over again.

So, let’s talk turkey :-)

How can we be present during the Holidays? Well, before we even begin, know these tips will not instantly make you present in all the things, in all the ways. Actually, it is probably best to start this list with the best tip of them all by another HBL Co-Founder, Seychelle Van Poole-Engelhard, “You are going to be an active failure on this a lot.” (Psst, read that again ;)

Now, ah-hem, you are ready to receive…

The Five Tips for your Journey to Mindfulness:

  1. Practice. Block time each day to be present. Whether it’s time to pray, meditate, or participate in a mindful activity like journaling or yoga, set an alarm for it.

  2. Eliminate distractions. Unplug. (You know what this one means.)

  3. Engage in an activity that requires presence. Taking a walk outside, throwing a ball around, playing a puzzle or board game, or traveling together on vacation are times when we are present with ease.

  4. Listen to others without thinking about your response.

  5. Learn something new. Even a new route to a familiar place helps us be more present and creative—just as much as learning to rock climb, play the piano, or knit.

Mindfulness frees the mind. It is one of the most critical self-care acts you can give to yourself and to others.

“I wish this for everyone…Be completely present in the moment. Understand that every second, every moment with the most precious people in your life, you are never going to get those back. There is nothing more important.”
~ Wendy Papasan, HBL Co-Founder

Your loved ones are worth it, and so are you. Stay present. You, wise and wonderful woman, are the gift.

On behalf of all of us at Her Best Life, we are thankful for you during this time of gratitude. We are honored to be a part of your journey to YOUR Best Life.

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