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Burnout or Boredom: How to Identify and Combat Both

burnout joy leadership Apr 16, 2023

Are you burned out or just bored? Both can rob you of your superpower – loving what you do. 

So what’s the difference?

➥ Burnout or boredom

If you're mentally exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, you may be experiencing burnout

It feels like being trapped in an endless cycle of not getting enough sleep, relying on too much caffeine to make it through the day, and yet not feeling like you're making any progress toward achieving your goals.

You're going through the motions without any excitement or enthusiasm, and you're not even seeing the results of your hard work.

Adam Grant – author of a popular and insightful article about the Great Resignation – characterizes burnout as being emotionally exhausted from having too many demands with too little control or support.  It is often accompanied by physical symptoms of stress like headaches and muscle tension.

Grant has a term for underwhelm – “boreout.” He says that having too little to do at work – being underloaded – is demoralizing. With boredom, you may be easily distracted, disengaged, and prone to procrastination. It can be associated with anxiety and stress and lead to burnout.

➥ Read the signs 

We all deal with boredom and burnout. The key is to catch it early and take action before burnout negatively impacts your health, business, and family. 

1. Lack of passion

The primary issue is a lack of passion for one's work. The data tells us only thirty percent of Americans enjoy their jobs. 

It's unrealistic to expect to feel a burning passion for every task we undertake. However, it's important to find work that we enjoy and find interesting. We should go to work each day with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

2. A toxic workplace

When you think of toxicity, you probably think about negativity, gossip, and the like.

But feeling undervalued and unimportant can be toxic – when it seems like no one cares about you or your well-being, or that of your colleagues.

This kind of environment can be just as damaging as overtly destructive environments.

Expecting perfectionism and ignoring progress is another form of toxicity. It's stressful and demoralizing.

3. All "take" and no "give"

When you don't know how to "win" at work – when there's no way to win individually or in a team environment – you're inviting burnout.

Humans respond to knowing what we do matters to someone or something. It's what energizes us. When work "takes" energy but doesn't “give” it, you're operating at an energy deficit. You're burned out.

➥ Resolving and preventing burnout

When lightening your load doesn’t help relieve the overwhelm or when you’re disengaged because you’re underwhelmed, it’s time to take action. Let’s work through three things you can do for yourself.

➥ Speak up

If something is wrong in the workplace, say something.

Even if you're not in a position of leadership, it’s important to speak up! This gives permission for others to speak up as well. When you’re vulnerable, you give others permission to be vulnerable too.

➥ Take a walk – daily

Our bodies are designed for movement and – more specifically – walking.

If you're feeling burnt out, try walking more often. Walking can help you lead better and feel more energized. You'll love that you can take a break and recharge simply by going for a walk. It's a simple but effective way to prevent work burnout.

➥ Talk to someone

Plain and simple, you could be dealing with clinical depression or anxiety. Give yourself permission to explore the possibility. Talk to a professional.

Mental health therapy or coaching can be a game-changer – even if you're not depressed. 

Having an impartial listener can help you think more clearly and separate what you want from what you think other people want from you.

Burnout and boredom can be debilitating, but with the right strategies, you can overcome them. 

By recognizing the signs and identifying the causes, you can take action to resolve and prevent burnout. 

Whether speaking up, taking a daily walk, or seeking professional help, act quickly when you notice signs of burnout. 

Being fully engaged is your superpower. Use it wisely.

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