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4 Changes You’re Allowed to Make Today

control growth rise up self-care Dec 31, 2023

As children, we were used to getting permission. Our parents or teachers were the ones to say, "Yes, you may," or "No, you may not." Their decisions shaped us as we grew.

As adults, do we still need permission? Yes, we do.

Diane Griffin, Co-Founder of Her Best Life, faced this realization a few years ago. Despite her success as an international business owner, coach, board member, mother (and more), she was at a breaking point. She felt disconnected as if she "just couldn't get it all together."

At the time, Diane had initially declined her Circle's upcoming retreat. During a crucial moment, her husband lovingly asked, "Can you drop everything and go?" He understood she needed to be there - with those women - to start seeing again.

His question gave her permission to reconsider attending.

Her decision to go to that retreat changed the trajectory of Diane's life. She still considers it a significant turning point. One that showed her how living HER BEST LIFE was possible.

It was there in the Circle of her peers where she heard that she was allowed to:

  1. Be whoever you want to be
  2. Let go of the responsibility for “that"
  3. Let go of “those people”
  4. Allow your life to flourish

On that day, she permitted herself to make these four changes (amongst others) and move on.

Yes, Teresa, you're allowed to make these changes too.

On the eve of the New Year, we give you permission to slow down, reflect, ask questions, and make changes that will truly help you live YOUR BEST LIFE.

At Her Best Life, we've given ourselves permission to make changes that create space for growth and opportunities to serve you better.

One of those changes is pausing the Best Life Broadcast.

So, sadly, we say goodbye (for now).

We'll keep in touch with you on our social platforms and share more tips for building bigger businesses and even bigger lives through the weekly Empire Building Podcast episodes!

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