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3 Practical Tips for Self Care

self-care Jul 16, 2023

You can't live your best life if you're too exhausted and overwhelmed to enjoy it.

We all have those days when there’s just too much to do — days when we have an important meeting to prepare for and the phone starts blowing up with text messages from the kid's school while a panicked client needs reassurance about a deal that’s falling through.

You know the feeling. You’re slammed with things that need your attention, and you are spinning. While you’re trying to keep all the balls in the air, you let yourself drop to the bottom of the priority list.

How many times lately have you canceled plans with family and friends? Missed lunch while driving around clients? Gorged on a Friday stress pizza? Skipped your workout to help out a family member?

Stop just a minute and BREATHE.

A few years ago, before making health her priority, Sarah remembers how angry she was when Gary Keller's top agent mastermind was focused on health.

When she heard Gary say, "Guys, you can't win if you're dead," Sarah felt like she'd been punched in the gut. At that moment she realized, "Competition and winning are important. By not taking care of my health, I'm limiting the impact that I can have on the world."

Later, Sarah was the guest speaker on stage and she nailed her presentation. Afterward, Gary Keller asked Sarah, "What were you doing right before you spoke? A bit sheepishly, Sarah responded, "I was on vacation."

Gary's response was, "You killed it today because you took care of Sarah first." Woot!

Every morning, Seychelle gets up early and takes a walk. After her daughter wakes up, they go for a bicycle ride. Not only are mom and daughter spending time together, but Seychelle is also setting an example that exercise is part of the day.

So, let's run through some practical tips for taking care of yourself when you're so busy your head feels like it is on fire.

3 Practical Tips for Taking Care of Yourself

1. Stand up: We're learning more about the dangers of sitting too long. Get up out of your chair and move your body.

2. Breathe: Seychelle sets a timer to remind herself to stop and fill her lungs with oxygen.

3. Sleep: Make a sleep appointment with yourself. Keep a regular "lights out" routine that begins with putting away blue screens an hour before bedtime. Let your brain and your body rest!

Taking care of yourself may not seem as important as putting out fires at work or with your family, but when you feel that urge to shortchange your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, ask yourself, "Who's gonna do all this stuff if I'm dead?"

Next week, you'll learn how to create some energy and space by saying, "No!"

P. S. Have you noticed that most best-selling self-care and productivity books are by men? Not that there’s anything wrong with that because we’re kinda partial to The ONE Thing, co-written by Wendy’s husband Jay.

But, we’re being more intentional about reading female authors. These are on our reading lists:


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