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3 Hacks to Stretch Your Household Budget

business skills control priorities wealth-building Aug 27, 2023

When you’re just getting started with your business — or you’re facing economic challenges — striking a balance between reducing your household budget and boosting your revenue-producing hours becomes a top priority.

At times like these, it’s easy to forget to keep your well-being at the top of the list. 

So, rather than “steal” your whitespace or self-care time blocks, we’ve devised a framework for keeping your household budget in check – without all the stress.

Plan a Household Finance Meeting Every Week 

More relationships end because of finances than any other factor. You and your spouse or partner must communicate and mutually agree on your budget.

Other household members, even kids, need to be involved, too. 

Create unity and get buy-in with a short meeting once per week, preferably on Sunday.

Fewer surprises (and expenses) will pop up during the week, and you’ll have more time and energy for the things that count. 

Your Agenda for the Weekly Meeting

Once you get the hang of adopting these three household budget hacks, you’ll zip through these meetings in 20 minutes. 

#1: Plan Meals & Who Cooks Each Night 

Planning meals for the week helps stretch your budget by:

  1. It keeps you from popping into the grocery store for “one thing” that turns into a basket full of stuff.
  2. It helps you leverage grocery shopping (like we talked about last week).
  3. There’s less risk of breaking the bank with takeout. 

Consider sticking with the same weekly menu or theme nights to make it easy when you start. Some of our favorites include:

  • Spaghetti Saturday
  • Cereal Sunday
  • Meatless Monday (salads or everyone’s favorite veggies)
  • Taco Tuesday (because… tacos!!! You must!)
  • Breakfast for Dinner

Remember to decide who’s cooking each night, too. We know it won’t take you long to figure out how to use the extra time and energy for self-care and building your empire.

#2: Share schedules

It’s bad enough when someone throws a scheduling curveball your way. But have you ever noticed how these unexpected twists quickly translate into avoidable expenditures?

Picture this: Your son’s baseball game lands on a Tuesday evening, and everyone wants to go cheer him on. 

Now, his usual cooking night becomes a family night out, and Taco Tuesday becomes Takeout Tuesday. 

The aftermath: You juggle the rest of the week’s meal plan to avoid wasting perishable food and another night of ordering in.

#3: Accept shopping requests from everyone in the household

Groceries are just one line item that can spoil the budget. Set the expectation that everyone needs to contribute to the “shopping list” to help cut down on last-minute runs to Target during the week.  

As you start to master the weekly meeting process, you can have your online shopping cart open and place the order immediately.

By taking a few minutes out of your Sunday afternoon to discuss these items, you can create efficiencies in your household, cut expenses, and save time!


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