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10 Tips for Navigating Holiday Stress

Dec 10, 2023

The Holiday season can be super stressful on top of everything else we deal with as Empire Builders. And as we all know by now, it’s up to us to make the magic for our own Best Lives.

“There are no elves. They are not coming!”
~ Wendy Papasan

To keep the spirit of the season in alignment with what you care about and to be mindfully present for it all, Wendy, Sarah Reynolds, and Seychelle Van Poole share…

10 Tips for Navigating Holiday Stress

1. Start early. Okay, maybe just keep this one in mind for next year since it's already December 10 ;-)

2. Plan Accordingly (aka create a framework!)

3. Set your own Traditions
Ask yourself questions like...

  • What is most important to me?
  • What made Christmas special to me as a kid?
    Do not let other people decide these answers for you. If a tradition is stressful and fills you with anxiety, don’t do it.

“I give you permission not to send a Holiday card if that’s a burden for you.”
~ Wendy Papasan

4. Enlist Help (aka leverage!)
There is no shame in asking for help, especially when others may be better at it and thoroughly enjoy doing it. What will be remembered when the sparkle of the season fades? Who cooked the dinner, wrapped the gifts, or did the shopping? Or, will they remember the experience, whether eating together or simply enjoying uninterrupted time with you?

5. Buy Extra Gifts
Pick up extra gifts to have on hand, just in case. Be ready for those last-minute needs throughout the season to avoid the panic of, “Gah! I forgot to get a gift for my ___!”

And you may wanna screenshot these two insider tips from Seychelle to help organize your gift lists:

  1. Throughout the year, have your child or significant other send you photos of what they like. Then, create a photo album of them all on your phone, and at holiday time, ask them to "heart" (or like) the photos of what they really want.
  2. Keep a note for each person you shop for on your phone. Whenever you hear them say what they like throughout the year, jot it down.

6. Eat Right & Exercise

7. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt

8. Start every day with Gratitude

9. Take time for Yourself
Do something you love to do or that makes you feel good.

10. Set a Budget
Don’t go into debt for people who love you the most. What do you really want from this holiday season? Share and savor that experience instead.

Dear reader, YOU are the magic of the season. Do these top 10 things to keep the stress level down and to be mindfully present this year.

“Let’s keep living, having big businesses and even bigger lives.”
~ Sarah Reynolds

Listen to the Empire Building Podcast Episode 88: Navigating Holiday Stress for more about each tip. This one is full of wisdom (and big laughs) as the co-hostsunwrap their personal secrets.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season full of JOY, delight, and ease.

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